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Citation Jet G-LUBB
Our entry level aircraft is the Citation CJ.

A cost effective way to transport up to 6 people on shorter domestic and European hops, or up to 4 people as far as Cannes.

At a similar price to comparable Turbo Props the CJ out performs its propeller rivals flying some 150 mph faster at well over half the speed of sound and nearly 7 miles high, avoiding most of the weather providing you with a silky smooth environment.

We have 3 variations of the CJ with seating for up to 6 passengers

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Dubai London newyork moscow moscow
Year of Manufacture   1997
Passengers   5
Home Base   London

Cabin Dimension

Length15ft 9 in4.84 m
Width5 ft 1 in1.53 m
Height4 ft 9 in1.48 m
Max Baggage Weight825 lb374 kg

Max Cruise Speed350 kt648 km/h
Max Range1,200 nm2,000 km
Max Operating Alt41,000 ft12,946 m

360 Internal View

Global Offices
UK | MaltaNigeria | Kazakhstan | South Africa