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Aircraft Management



Whether you already own your aircraft or are planning to buy, it is likely you will require a company to manage it for you. Whilst many companies can offer you this service, few can match the levels of professionalism and personal attention that you will receive from Hangar8 – whilst saving you money at the same time.

We will of course take care of the crewing of your aircraft, engineering, maintenance, insurance, operational support and legal and administrative responsibilities. With Hangar8 however, the size and buying power of our fleet allows us to benefit from considerable cost economies which we pass on to you. An aircraft owner should pay less to maintain his aircraft with Hangar8, even after paying Hangar8's management fee, than they would by doing it themselves.

But our management service is not just about financial economies. We pride ourselves on the attention we offer to each individual owner. Every time your aircraft returns to our base, a qualified engineer carries out a comprehensive inspection, our staff inspect(s) the exterior and interior and arrange cleaning if necessary, stocks are replenished, in fact our staff treat each and every aircraft as if it were their own. All this combined with 24 hour, 365 day operational support.

Other advantages include the use of our fleet whilst your own aircraft is in maintenance or unavailable for any other reason, flexible management packages tailored to suit your individual requirements and should you wish to see a return on your investment, we can also charter your aircraft when you are not using it, an arrangement that can often prove profitable.


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